Seminar Presentations

Discover All Presentations on The Kuala Lumpur seminar
on Innovative Citizen Participation (ICP)

Panel 1: Challenges to civil society’s role in Asia:
Drivers and Barriers of Civic Space

CMEV - Manjula Gajanayake
Transparency Maldives - Ibrahim Thayyib
UED Cambodia - Agata Nieboj

Panel 2: Citizen Election Observation:
Innovative Approaches and methodologies

Opora - Olga Aivazovska
Mammad Mammadzada Azerbaijan

Panel 3: Social Media Monitoring:
New methodologies for election observation and the fight against disinformation

ISFED - Mikheil Benidze
SMEX - Mohamad Najem
Digital Democracy - Lucas Calil

Panel 4: Citizen initiatives towards Broader citizen participation

Mafindo - Anita Wahid

Panel 5: Citizen innovations in assessing the Accountability of public authorities

Sinar Project - Khairil Yusof
Ttcat (Taiwan) - Wu Min Hsuan
FAFEN - Mudassir Rizvi

Panel 6: Building Resilience as a response to restrictive environments

Mourakiboun - Rafik Halouani
Bersih 2.0 - Thomas Fann

Panel 7: Digital security and digital rights advocacy by civil society

CYRILLA - Grant Baker
Derechos Digitales - Vladimir Garay